Sunday, February 21, 2010

First Olympian

I have been watching the Olympics for a long time. I can remember as a kid watching them on the large black and white TV we had - bad reception that included rolling screens, snowy views and total loss of the picture.

One of the things I remember was some of the things that the commentators would say as the athletes would get up to compete. I remember hearing them talk about seeing the 4 minute mile record achieved and how today (1960's), new records were being set. I saw feats accomplished in gymnastics, figure skating, track and field, skiing - you name it. The amazing thing that makes me smile is that once someone does something that no one thought could ever be achieved by any human, it opens up the field of opportunity for the same feat to be repeated over and over by other athletes. This year the feat in ice skating is the quadruple; in snowboarding is the 1260 Double McTwist; and the list goes on.

Tonight, I was reminded of an even more amazing feat accomplished 2000 years ago - the One who conquered death so that every person who ever lives could benefit. One sacrifice given for all to have freedom, healing, forgiveness. One Life to pay for our penalties.

He ran our race and gave us the prize.

I have realized that for far too long I have been trying to run a race that He has already won. I have nothing to prove to God - He knows me inside out - after all He created me. Just let Him direct me and not worry about the where or the when or even the why. The race is His and it has already been completed.

My job - I get to cheer Him on and give Him all praise. Hallelujah and Amen!

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