Sunday, May 27, 2012

Tomorrow is His Too!

There is a verse that God has been whispering to me. Hebrews 13 chapter 8 says; Jesus the Anointed One is always the same: yesterday, today, and forever.

I can look back and see His hand all over my life. I acknowledge that He has brought me through some hard times of testing. He has healed me and loved ones. He has provided financially at times when we literally did not know how we would make it to the next pay check. He gave me a husband that I absolutely adore and puts up with me. He has even protected and directed Doug and I as we raised three kids from infancy, through teenage angst, and into adulthood with lives of their own. So God of "Yesterday" is well known.

I acknowledge that "Today", He has given me breath to breathe and eyes to see. I woke up with a song on my lips and a joy in my heart. Friends surround me in a rich tapestry of influence and laughter. The God of 'Today' is well known and enjoyed as each step I take I bless Him.

It's the forever I sometimes, maybe more than sometimes, struggle with. I am a planner, and as a planner I am having to learn to let go of my future and let God have it. There is much victory in my life right now in regards to this. What a relief to learn how NOT to say, "What if..."!

God of 'Tomorrow' is good. I mean really good. I am so glad that He IS the same, yesterday, today, and forever.

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