Sunday, June 25, 2017

Three Little Words

Transparency is not easy. It really isn't. Letting others see "the stuff" in your life that you would prefer to remain hidden is risky. It's humbling. I know it makes my heart beat a little faster...and on top of that, there's the risk of being judged by brothers and sisters in Christ, and by those who don't follow Christ.

With that being said, here goes.

Recently as I was driving around in Houston, I learned something about myself that changed me. I had come to a busy intersection and was waiting patiently for the light to turn green. Lots of traffic. Lots of people. Lots of activity. A normal, busy day on a Houston street. Then I saw it.

Off to my right were three people. A woman and two men...and boy were they interacting with one another. I could tell immediately that she was a prostitute and the men were...uhm...well they wanted to get to know her a bit better...and she was actively encouraging their attention...on a street the light of front of a kid's playscape at a fast food place...and in front of the windows of another fast food place. In the daylight! In front of me!

I was outraged! How dare she do that! Didn't she realize how bad that cheap her actions were making her look! And those clothes...OH MY GOODNESS! Come on! REALLY! In front of me and all of these other drivers...and people trying to eat their lunch...and what about the KIDS! I was completely outraged. How dare she!

Then I heard three very quiet words that changed me..."I love her".

As soon as my heart heard those words, all kinds of Bible verses started pouring through my mind and heart. The first one had to do with rocks and being without sin. My heart broke as God's word poured into me. I realized that I was throwing rocks at this woman caught in a relationship. I was a rock thrower. My thoughts, my judgements of her, my words...they were the rocks. Tears started flowing.

As the light turned green and I turned the corner, I asked God this question: How often have I picked up word rocks and stoned someone I have judged? He showed me and my heart broke even more.

God does discipline those He loves. I know He loves me and that the rock throwing revelation had to happen. His word says judge not and that He is the only judge. I had stepped into that position. By thinking hateful thoughts about people, I had allowed myself to become judge, jury, and executioner. I sinned.

Love covers a multitude of our flaws. Sin confessed is covered by Love. His name is Jesus.

I am learning. My heart is very tender in this area. God's lesson will not be soon forgotten by me. I pray differently. I think differently. I love differently. I'm thankful. My hands are empty and my heart is full.

©Terri Milton June 2017