Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Move Me!

I have had this thought running around in my head for the last couple of days - "When you are uncomfortable, MOVE!"

No, I am not considering moving across any state lines or even across the street. This has nothing to do with furniture placement, where my church membership is or even where I work or volunteer. It has to do with the way I think.

As I was chewing on this, a couple of examples came to mind. When I am hot, I move to get cool. When I am cold, I move to get warm. If my muscles ache, I move body positions. Very simple.

The question that then confronts me is when I am in a place spiritually that is uncomfortable, why is it so hard to move? I have been in situations before where conviction by the Holy Spirit was thumping away at my heart and I did nothing - hmmmm, let's call that one rebellion. I have been in other places where I know that healing was just a prayer away yet did nothing - lack of faith and fear?? Or when I know that God is calling me to step forward, not saying do this or that, just step forward and be counted and I hold back because I am afraid of what the cost will be.

With that very transparent look, I know that I can definitely identify with Jonah. He knew that God was calling him to go to the very people he could not stand; he chose to go on a cruise instead. God got the attention of everyone around him by causing a big storm to rock the boat while he napped. They, his shipmates, figured out he was the stinker and reason for their discomfort. Jonah, probably looking at their faces and considering his options, chose to step off the ship before port call and found another way back to shore in the belly of a fish. Since I really do not like the smell of fish I do not want his consequences. I also do not want those around me who are on this life journey with me to be found in the midst of a storm while I choose to sleep in disobedience.

So my response - "Move Me Lord!"

Move me past myself. Change me to be more like Christ. Let me step forward, with boldness and obediently run the race that has been placed before me on feet He has anointed and hands that have been set aside for His use.

I know that circumstances are going to change around me. I know that there are storms ahead and there are victories ahead - God is with me in both.

My hand is raised up and I am saying, "Lord, I want to be counted as faithful. Here I am - use me. I am ready"

Monday, May 17, 2010

When We Don't All Roll

Yesterday one of the young moms in our church came in pushing her baby stroller. I could tell she was having a hard time so held the door open so she could get it in. Exasperated, she exclaimed she could not get the thing to roll right. I looked at the front two wheels to see if either of them were locked. She examined the back two and found that one was locked tight. She reached down, unlocked it and the stroller was instantly fixed.

As we were leaving the room, the example of this incident brought up a spiritual truth:

If even one person in a married couple has their "brakes on", neither of them are going to move anywhere easily.

I'm still letting that stew around and the revelations and awareness of God's work in mine and my husband's lives and the impact of a life with brakes on is convicting. I know God is working in us and now both of us are making sure that our brakes are open and ready to roll.

Lord, let Doug and I walk together with You. I know at times past we have tried to stand still when that was not Your will. I know that at times I have tried to speed faster that You would have us walk and that also is not Your will. Show us together how to walk together, completely instep with You. Amen

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Just Saying...

Today as I walked into an office, I overheard a conversation where one person mentioned, "God is good!" and the reply, automatically droned, was "All the time." Tonight, as I was speaking to a man, I said, "God is so good" and without missing a beat he said, "All the time."

My point is not that people over use this expression - my concern is that we have stopped thinking about what it means. I wonder how many times we respond automatically to words just because we know the response. Let's experiment:

"God is good..."

"I am blessed..."

"He is risen..."

There is nothing wrong with the words - what is wrong is the disconnect that we have in our hearts when we just respond without thinking of what it is we are saying.

Many years ago I was riding with a friend. She had her car radio tuned to a local station that played the newest pop sensations. As we were driving along, a tune I heard played quite often came on and we started singing. I stopped when I realized what the song was actually about. I sat there stunned as I realized that the words of the song were describing what I would never watch on TV. My friend noticed I had stopped and asked me what was up. I looked at her and said, "I just listened to the words...I cannot sing that song ever again." She turned up the radio and started listening. She reached over and turned the radio off.

These two things are completely opposite of one another but really pin point something we need to be aware of - if there is a disconnect between your mouth and your brain and your heart, be careful with the auto-responses. Do you hear me on that?

I know that God is working on me and I really do want to whole heartedly mean, "All the time!" when I respond. The same way with my walk and prayer life - I don't want to be on auto pilot and miss out on an awesome, ever growing, relationship with the ONE who deserves my full attention.

Ok Lord, Here I am. I will be connected to the life giving words You give me to share with others. No more auto-responses.