Monday, May 17, 2010

When We Don't All Roll

Yesterday one of the young moms in our church came in pushing her baby stroller. I could tell she was having a hard time so held the door open so she could get it in. Exasperated, she exclaimed she could not get the thing to roll right. I looked at the front two wheels to see if either of them were locked. She examined the back two and found that one was locked tight. She reached down, unlocked it and the stroller was instantly fixed.

As we were leaving the room, the example of this incident brought up a spiritual truth:

If even one person in a married couple has their "brakes on", neither of them are going to move anywhere easily.

I'm still letting that stew around and the revelations and awareness of God's work in mine and my husband's lives and the impact of a life with brakes on is convicting. I know God is working in us and now both of us are making sure that our brakes are open and ready to roll.

Lord, let Doug and I walk together with You. I know at times past we have tried to stand still when that was not Your will. I know that at times I have tried to speed faster that You would have us walk and that also is not Your will. Show us together how to walk together, completely instep with You. Amen

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