Wednesday, December 21, 2011

26 Years and Counting

I posted this today on my Facebook page and so decided to post it here too. Today marks our 26th wedding anniversary. I would love to say that we have had a perfect life so far, but the truth is we have had struggles. Those very struggles that at times would seem to almost destroy us have actually made us stronger.

Here are somethings Doug and I have discovered together through the years:
1. Everything he owns is mine and likewise, everything I own is his...even the money we earn.
2. Every fight is not a battle - we are not the enemy of one another.
3. Slow down and listen - even when the world around you is screaming...stop and listen to what he/she is saying.
4. Divorce is a word in the dictionary. It's not an option for later.
5. It's okay to get mad - just don't live there.
6. Never say anything bad about your spouse to anyone. Period!
7. Pray every day for each other and with one another. Then pray some more.
8. Dream together - it's our bucket list.
9. Give and take and give some more. Serve from a heart of love not from one that expects what you deserve.
10. Know Jesus. Without Him actively in your marriage all of the above means absolutely nothing!
 We don't have all the answers - we don't even know all the questions. We do, however, know The One who does know all. It is He who provides the 3rd strand for our marriage and is the strength of our very being.

May God bless you and give you a long, God centered marriage. He is definitely working in ours.

David and Rosalie Milton (58 years) & Terri and Doug Milton (26 years)

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